Yes on Solar but Girls take Center Stage`~’

I was supposed to do the solar thing, however, my girls took center stage… I do not yet have “instructional videos” on Youtube quite yet. Nevertheless, it just takes solar cells, glass, silicone, transistors, an on-off-on switch, a Cree Q5 led (which is much brighter than the cheapies at 20 mA but can handle 1000 mA heatsinked), 3 sets of 3 NiMH batteries, some tabbing, resistors, oh, and a frame (so it doesn’t look like a home made bomb). Once I get my “yes on solar” sight to par, I will teach you how to build the world’s brightest auto solar light for around . I have to buy all the parts from internet suppliers so as to put the whole thing together nice’ly so that you may actually want to do this. The real reason to make a kick ass solar light is not really in itself, it’s just a small reflection (a piece of the Sun if you will) of a much greater endeavor for humanity, for the betterment of the future for us and our following generations… to enact “Operation Desert Mirrors”, the clean energy solution that kicks ass on any other but closed cycle thorium based fission (~100 times cleaner than pressurized water reactors and with much more longevity). However, the solar solution does not require pavers or bulldozers contrary to oppositional claims! Opponents say that mass solar (I wish to see 10000 square miles at least) will “pave over” the deserts. I say they are right! Unless we use the enviro’s, not to stop it, but to make sure that all PV, concentrating mirrors
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