Top Ten Electric Shavers; Philips Norelco 1280X/42 Top Ten Electric Shavers

Top Ten Electric Shavers reviews, click here : Got this couple of days ago, and gave it a shot yesterday… I was amazed and stunned by the output, it gave me the best shave I have experienced…so far, more info below… Normally, I use a regular Gillette shaver and then I use my Panasonic electric shaver to get a complete shave. Yesterday, I used my new Senso 1280xcc without the gillette and man, what a finish… It even passed my ultimate test, my 5 yr old little girl who does not like me having “pokies” on my face…she said, she did not feel any pokies…seriously, even my wife felt it was a smooth pokie free shave. I use a wet shave process with Edge Shaving Gel (Aloe). This Norelco shaver was flawless and it’s so quiet that no one knew i was shaving. Philips norelco 1280 norelco 1280 norelco jet clean system senso touch philips norelco sensotouch 3d razor best wet dry electric shaver phillips razors philips electric shavers norelco sensotouch razor norelco shavers best price norelco sensotouch 3d razor philips norelco sensotouch electric razor razor vs electric shaver what is the best razor best norelco shavers phillips norelco razor top ten electric shavers norelco razor heads compare electric razors norelco jet clean

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17 Responses to Top Ten Electric Shavers; Philips Norelco 1280X/42 Top Ten Electric Shavers

  1. luishomeroremohsiul says:

    woohoo chicks! with guitars!

  2. TheKabelverleger says:

    actually, i think that is a bit boring.
    calm and quiet voices, the same rhythm.
    sorry :/

  3. AbbeyRoad236 says:

    awhh i love this :) the harmony is beautifully done

  4. ILikeBeingNaked says:

    pretty beautiful stuff there..well done :D

  5. zephikramer says:


  6. emdeeeff says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to have that much fun…

  7. fdgirl92 says:


  8. aj250000 says:

    you guys are hilarious

  9. 17046mv says:

    THAT was so funny when she was going to hit you in the guys mad me lafe in the blooper but that was funny.make more but same thing els the this one kk!!!!!!

  10. Fabi123456781 says:

    holy shit

  11. elliot0712 says:

    we know.

  12. guitarchickz says:




  13. guitarchickz says:


    XO………..Guitar Chickz is not just one girl.. lol.. …….XO

    OX………..Theres over 40 of them.. main page… ……OX


  14. guitarchickz says:


    XO……….Dixie Maxwell has her own channel…………XO

    OX…………The link is in the description box……………OX


  15. PyroAvenue says:

    that’s a nice guitar

  16. SchokoladenMonstaa says:

    thats beautiful :)

  17. CroPavo says:

    first :) 

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