Snowie 3000 Demo – How To Make A Shaved Ice

Snowie 3000 Demo Snowie Shaved Ice 3000 Video Demo. Gordon Rupp Co-Owner of Snowie Shaved Ice demonstrates the features and benefits of the Snowie 3000. For …
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This machine is rare nowadays. As more dessert makers are now using automated ice shavers, there is really not much people making these old type machines any…

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15 Responses to Snowie 3000 Demo – How To Make A Shaved Ice

  1. Rosanna Sosa says:

    Rosanna sosa
    I like 3000 Demo – to make A snow cone.
    I Would like to buy for Business Snowy machine.
    The little snow machine is god? For Business. yest o not.

  2. dietlamp says:

    does the 1,000 make the same quality powdery soft ice as the 3,000?

  3. active4randomness says:

    pretty tight

  4. SuperTenazMusica says:

    better then waching dora dick

  5. Trung Luu says:

    that was awsome

  6. ionizer says:

    why do you call it a snow cone when its sold as an “ice shaver”

    i’m sure you know the difference, so is it a snow cone producer or a finely shaved ice producer?

    I hate snow cones, but love shaved ice… but if im going to buy an expensive shaved ice machine, it better produces fine powdery shaved ice that melts in my mouth

  7. Snowie Shaved Ice says:

    Yeah, the 3000 is basically twice the machine of the 1000. Normally, the way I tell people how it works is that the 3000 is used for business, the 1000 is great for rentals and those starting on a thin budget, and The Little Snowie is strictly for home use. Hope this helps.

  8. keykilla78 says:

    It looks like it fills up faster.

  9. Betty Lopez says:

    what are the diferent between the snowie 3000 and the snowie 1000? which are the most efficient?

  10. migimnasio casero says:

    where did you buy it?

  11. againest3x6 says:

    in pakistan this machine makes goly

  12. jeramiah benjamin says:

    gday , can you please let me know where i can purchase one of these. thanks

  13. spongebobisawesome1 says:

    please make another video how to assemble and how to use

  14. spongebobisawesome1 says:

    please make another video how to assemble
    and how to use it

  15. spongebobisawesome1 says:

    i bought this one two weeks ago ,theres no instruction how toassemble same exactly as this one. the problem is the red handle on the front
    it stuck, and i dont know what is the use of this handle please tell me

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