Side by Side Comparison Norelco 7310 and 7340 Shavers

I decide to split my face down the middle and shave the right side with the Norelco 7310XL and the Left side with the Norelco 7340XL.

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24 Responses to Side by Side Comparison Norelco 7310 and 7340 Shavers

  1. chrisl3698 says:

    how do you deal with razor burns?

  2. Simon5005 says:

    I was just about to head out to Target to get the 7340, but I thought I’d check YT for videos………….perfect! Thanks for the comparison video!

  3. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @seikogoldwatch2009 Um no, they vary slightly as explained in the video. The 7310 comes with more inexpensive head than the 7340 but the replacement heads for each are identical. But, they do not come fresh out of the box with the same heads.

  4. seikogoldwatch2009 says:

    The HEADS are identical.

  5. Lolasjah says:

    Hi. I’m looking to get my Dad an electric shaver for Christmas and I know NOTHING about any of them!! lol I do know that my Dad has VERY sensitive skin and he complains about the manual shavers irritating his skin. I’m wondering would this be a good electric shaver choice for him??

  6. crazypunk2F says:

    I really enjoyed your video and it was very helpful! Thanks you! :)

  7. dmanmoka says:

    I purchased the 7340 :)

  8. niacal4nia says:

    I guess the blades are the same but the heads are different with extra holes. I can’t find any info regarding 7310xl vs 7315xl which one is newer or better? I know Sears carry the 7315xl and walmart has the 7310xl.

  9. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @invazn89 The 8240 is better, charge lasts longer and runs faster and stronger.

  10. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @TazzTriplesix Thanks, glad that I could help. Might want to show that guy this video so he can be a better sales person.

  11. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @masw980 Thanks did you end up buying one of these?

  12. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @ShaveNewWorld I gave my 7340 to a friend of mine, he keeps it in his car for touch ups.

  13. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @rickelchilango Yes, when you replace the heads they are the same as the 7340, I found that odd myself, why aren’t those blades already on the 7310? I’m not sure.

  14. TheUltimateGC says:

    awesome, thanks a lot. I just got the 7310 and I was curious to what others thought of it.

  15. rickelchilango says:

    Replacement blades/head would be HQ8 for either one, right? So, when it’s time to replace the blades/head, at that point, they both will be the same? I’m confused..

  16. masw980 says:

    Good rev. Man it helped a lot. Thanx !!!!!!

  17. TazzTriplesix says:

    Made my choice because of your video even thou the guy at the Philips shop couple of days ago said that there is no difference except the price and color (How stupid?!). Thanks from Serbia

  18. invazn89 says:

    hows the ending results between the 7340 and the 8240?

  19. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @nicolai185 Glad I could help.

  20. nicolai185 says:

    Great video, thanks for the information. I went with the 7340 because of your recommendations.

  21. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @muchacho1970 Glad that I could help you with that decision.

  22. muchacho1970 says:

    Thank you so much. Your video reinforced my decision to get the 7340.

  23. ShaveNewWorld says:

    @soulcalibur22 you are welcome.

  24. soulcalibur22 says:


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