Razor PR200 speed build quick charger run down

I explain how to charge 12-48 volts on a computer car charger.
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8 Responses to Razor PR200 speed build quick charger run down

  1. calcatchem says:

    never realized you had a vid for this, thanks man!!

  2. mrexon says:

    ya it will

  3. majorityrules85 says:

    will it charge a razor e300

  4. mrexon says:

    I got this one for retail at “lowes” for $80 and you pay about $1 for every amp in the end for it, it is capable of major amp charges in a computer aided fashion to make sure you dont gas the batteries(very bad and toxic if you chrge in the house like I do)

  5. majorityrules85 says:

    how much for the charger

  6. mrexon says:

    that is a vector, you can get them at the lowes home store, you will have to rig it your self, but charges the bike in about 1 hour, worth it in the end

  7. Bloodonyourshoe says:

    Pretty awesome, and informative. Where did you get the computer car charger and for how much?

  8. mrexon says:

    As for the welds on my bike, sure they look like shit! but the bike held together in five of my worst crashes…Oh ya, I was self teached and my welding has gotten even better since then.

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