Razer Imperator™ Review

John from everythingmac100 reviews Imperator gaming mouse from Razer. This mouse is a 6 control gaming mouse. It fits comfortably to your hand. It has a nice light up design. It costs on amazon at this link : www.amazon.com
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Donot ask me what keyboard/mouse/surface/ etc etc to get. I made a video of what i recommend from a personal preference. If you do however ask, i will not answer. If you ask again…well, what do you think i would do? www.youtube.com Palming a mouse and/or Claw gripping the mouse
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    i own this mouse and it had taken me ages to master it, wasnt the greatest step from an g500

  2. lschlutt73 says:

    Obviously not a gamer, using a laser mouse without a mousepad might seem ok at first but don’t be surprised if the laser dies 3-6 months down the road. You get better response time with a razer mat, ask any gamer

  3. GayPornStuntman says:

    v_v really? “they have these things on the botton so you dont need a mousepad” you know NOTHING about mice, keep using your mouse on a table with no mousepad, i can tell its going to last a really long time.

  4. tiputipu777 says:

    @JeDiSh3eP wow laggtech…

  5. aldin96 says:

    Actually, I don’t know what is the best grip for me…
    I use 4/11 sensitivity in windows and ingame ~1.3.
    I have Steelseries Ikari 850 DPI on it and I have Steelseries QcK Heavy surface.
    In windows i use claw grip, but ingame palm grip. Am i retarded, or what? xD

    *Sorry 4 bad English*

  6. maxqubit says:

    @fireoil Yup, BIG fail. I returned the damned thing:)

  7. avraks says:

    Thumbs up if you think people who risk muscle cramps simply to be able to say they are “clawing” their mouse are douchy, and probably 12.

  8. glowyrm says:

    What is the “swipe” grip?

  9. abvmoose87 says:

    are you saying it’s easier to aim when using palm grip? Ive been using claw all my life

  10. fireoil says:

    i’am claw gripper and i just have a MX518 = fail

  11. MrConvex10 says:

    @MrConvex10 I meant the fingertip Gripp

  12. MrConvex10 says:

    Anygood Mice For Palm Gripp ?

  13. ImNoJadedImsoniac says:

    Looks like i use a hybrid of both grips xD

  14. jcl78901 says:

    palm grip for pve claw grip for pvp wow ftw =D

  15. iiiHelpNEXON says:

    @musikislyphe just order the mouse u want to “test” and u have 1 month to return it( they give u an extra week) there is a restocking fee but its like $5 and they pay for return shipping. make sure to check ur email because thats where they give u the rma to print out. Newegg is the best company trust me!! i thing the g9x is still the best mouse but at first i was soo disapointed becouse it takes a week or to to get use to it but if ur looking 4 a higher mouse then u might like the G700. try em

  16. musikislyphe says:

    @iiiHelpNEXON Oh shit, didn’t know that. Is there any fees for returning a used product? How about the return shipping fee?

  17. iiiHelpNEXON says:

    @musikislyphe dude if u buy it off of newegg there is a return policy so u can buy one test it for a month and return it for your money back. i use to use a regular mouse and wanted to get a better one so i bought the razer death adder and in my opinion it was amazing…. i sent it back, got the Logitech g9x and was disappointed… i switched to the gaming grip and after 2 weeks i went from a palm grip with the death adder to a sort of claw grip using the g9x on 5700 dpi and had perfict aim!!

  18. Bseic says:

    Clawing doesn’t mean you don’t use your arm to at all. It just refers to how you hold the mouse in your hand. Playing at a low sensitivity you use your arm for large movements and when picking at long distance you use your fingers to aim…

  19. azzhou1 says:

    when palming, did you guys usually place the entire arm’s weight on the mouse? i kinda don’t want to rest my hand on the mouse pad since i don’t want to wear it away. what i end up doing is supporting 90% of my arm’s weight by my shoulder, which kills after a while.

  20. kutayegemen says:

    claw grip brings you more agility. palm grip is very lazy way to use a professional mouse.

  21. sayhai says:

    @iOmgTom you should try it with combo……with your testis

  22. mrswartz says:

    g9 hopefully is good. 🙂

    i bought sidewinder x5 and it failed on asus g51vx windows 7…

  23. JeDiSh3eP says:

    i just had a lachesis.
    died in under a year, cursor no longer moves. but it still clicks.
    before it died. the last couple of months it would start playing up where it would either only move side to side
    or up and down. it was the worst when it happened mid game.
    or rather than smooth diagonal movements, it would staircase

    when it worked good, it was amazing.
    i wish i kept my proof of purchase
    i’ve gone logitech now. and theres no going back.

  24. Disorder92 says:

    @musikislyphe its hard to say.. i dont know.. i know that the g700 with battery is 150g heavy and without battery its 130 g heavy.. i always uded only 14g of weight for the g9.. but think that all in al the g700 is heavier, yes..

  25. musikislyphe says:

    @Disorder92 Hmm, would you say the g700 is heavier than the g9x with all the weights in?

    Thanks in advance!

  26. Disorder92 says:

    @musikislyphe i id have to decide ust between thoese to mice id pic the g700. my hands are average. the thing is it depends on what u play.. i play for example shooters and RTS (cod 4 etc and sc2) the g700 is a really heavy mouse.. so its good for shooters but bad for rts.. thats why i bought myself the steelseries xai.. its light it feels good and is for right and lefties (not that i care but just to tell :P) so i definitely recommend that if u play things where u see the mouse on the screen 😉

  27. musikislyphe says:

    @Disorder92 I’m searching more a new mouse right now and I’m torn between the g9x and g700. Which do you prefer and how big is your hand (if you don’t mind telling)?

  28. Disorder92 says:

    i think it depends on the mouse..i always am a palmggrip type.. but i holded my g9 palmed but with clawed fingers.. my g700 i holded normal palmed and the steelseries xai agen i hold like the g9..

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