PHILIPS Rasierer HQ 7360

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Philips SensoTouch 3D for the most advanced shave yet Philips recognizes that for men who care about their looks, a great shave is at the foundation of a dai…
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16 Responses to PHILIPS Rasierer HQ 7360

  1. snake2461 says:


  2. NicBunnymen says:

    Why would one want to put foam on the face then use the device. Aren’t
    these type of devices supposed to work without foam? One other thing these
    devices that have the 3 round blades usually miss some hair on the face
    which means that you got to go bak and reshave which irritates the skin. I
    found that the shaving devices that are curved at the top do alot better
    shave than these type for ex Braun!!

  3. Philips says:

    The shaving case should be available from our UK spares company Olympic
    Shaver Centre: 01159 657 446 / shavers. co. uk

  4. FoxtrotUniform23 says:

    i only shave my nuts with this device. everything else i use a straight
    blade, including my asshole.

  5. Philips says:

    @FoxtrotUniform23 Are you aware that Philips offers a wide-variety of body

  6. cdave2006 says:

    It s a shame, the man who is speaking used hand shave.

  7. sguitas says:

    Cool, 3D without glasses

  8. Mark Tamura says:

    I don’t even have beard , but I want one of those!!

  9. MrJerkoffkid says:

    its like 250$. bahah

  10. RafiXavs says:

    Am I the only one who’s pissed off of everything having 3D in its name?

  11. Mayank Anand says:

    Can you suggest me some Body Groomers, Please.

  12. Philips says:

    We feel you should speak with your parents and they will determine if you
    are ready to start shaving or not. Good luck!

  13. Jack says:

    Are there replacement batteries available?

  14. Philips says:

    Hi, glad you like the finish on that one! The model doesn’t come with a jet
    clean stand but you can get one from online retailers like amazon, with
    prices varying.

  15. Philips says:

    @Mayank22Anand if you visit Philips dot com /c/body-groomers/294478/cat/en/
    you will be able to see our full range of body groomers.

  16. Mayank Anand says:

    Can this be used as Body Shaver???

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