Panasonic Shaver Wet/Dry Switch Repair

Panasonic Shaver Wet/Dry Switch Not Working.
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10 Responses to Panasonic Shaver Wet/Dry Switch Repair

  1. Ness0007 says:

    I have a Pana ES-GA21 and the inner blade is not working anymore. When I
    remove the shaver head I can move it manually with my fingers. Is there
    some sort of mechanism that is driving this inner blade? (I dropped my
    razor and cannot remember if there was somehting that makes the inner blade

  2. treborretnac says:

    Thanks so much for posting this video. I was about to trash the shaver when
    I thought: Why not see if there’s anything on youtube. It took about 20
    minutes and I was up and running again. Happily I had no problem with
    syncing the on/off switch. Just dumb luck I think. Thanks again.

  3. drgold2000 says:

    2LIJIT2QUIT (1 hour ago) | mate does that give u a smooth shave i mean like
    a babys bottom with a dry shave aswel as a wet shave and without gel and
    stuff ? [;ease reply back thanks :)

  4. drgold2000 says:

    Still working!

  5. drgold2000 says:

    Anyone know the best way to sync the on-off lever and the sliding switch
    … I used trial and error and got it working correctly twice but it took a
    few attempts of moving the sliding switch bar into various locations. Thanks

  6. drgold2000 says:

    Repair of Panasonic Switch is not hard with this video!

  7. dianepowers1 says:

    ES3831 will not turn off. any suggestions?

  8. drgold2000 says:

    It works now!

  9. drgold2000 says:

    Tricky getting it to sync but perhaps using the on-off switch would help
    with it in Off … maybe the electronics switch would fit on & sync better?

  10. drgold2000 says:

    drgold2000 Yep mate, it does … the best electric razor I ever had for
    close shave … tried Norelco but it would not work for me for some reason
    … tried Braun and it was OK … tried Remington and is was fair … this
    is the best … wet is very close with shaving cream or soap … dry is
    close but not as close as wet. Where you from mate? Maybe Australia or
    Canada or the UK or where. I am here in San Antonio, TX.

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