New Razer Imperator 2012 4G Unboxing

The New Razer Imperator 2012 expert ergonomic gaming mouse Features: -6400dpi 4G dual sensor system -Rubberized contoured thumb grip -Gold plated USB connector -Adjustable side buttons -Ergonomic right handed design -7ft lightweight, braided fiber cable -Ultra large non-slip buttons -Tracking cut-off when lifted -7 hypersponse buttons -Ultra slick mouse feets -1000Hz ultrapolling -On-The-Fly sensitivity Imperator page – Download driver – Works with PCs & MACs (I don’t know why people wan’t to use this mouse with a MAC. MACs can’t play real games and this is a gaming mouse) Please comment, thumbs-up and SUBSCRIBE :) -Edited and Filmed by James
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to New Razer Imperator 2012 4G Unboxing

  1. 00TPOTTER says:

    I’m not 100% sure but I think the audio is out of sync, also I just purchased my Razer Imperator 2012 and currently awaiting its arrival.

  2. alexngkm says:

    hmm whats the material thats covering the front of the mouse? i had a deathadder with a rubberized feel, but with atmospheric dust and sweaty palms the surface felt irritating, but the sensor is awesome though.

  3. JesusBlack14 says:

    @SpireXZ hi :) i think that you should go to a store and test both mice. The Deathadder is not so comfortable for my hand as the imperator, so everybody has its own opinion. When we talk about features – the DA has no memory, problems with the lazer, no profiles, lower dpi. the imperator 2012 has 2 sensors – lazer and optical and it has memory, adjustable thumb buttons and better scroll. You decide wich to buy. the imperator 2012 is more expensive but for a reason :)

  4. SpireXZ says:

    Imperator or DA?

  5. MrHardstylePromotion says:

    this one is much comfortable in your hand

  6. MarshMellowChronic says:

    can you change the led colour?

  7. TheNerdCircle says:

    Feels really awkward. I think they have the left handed edition for this mouse.

  8. acdcnorway1 says:

    why the gay music?!

  9. Kole208 says:

    i dont really like the way this mouse looks, i wish they would make a mamba that was wired instead of wireless because that mouse looks so dam cool! or at least a new deathadder.

  10. Nooblezzpunk says:

    This one or the Mamba :O?

  11. nur aliah sukeri says:

    hey man…can please do it for me…by holding the mouse with you left hand and tell me how does it feel????i really like to buy..

  12. ikukelas says:

    my old imperator broke… now have a g500 its a great mouse/mice altho my hand tend to lock up and hurt its to big for me i think… ( thats what she said right)

    ordered the 4G imperator YUS!

  13. impvr1 says:

    It is called TheNerdCircle, what’d u expect?:D

  14. 96hotdog96 says:

    Razer all the way they make way better products than Steel Series

  15. Barry94cz says:

    Do you have any problems with the mouse? (sensor)

  16. SuperCoa97 says:

    voice ahahahahah!!!

  17. Alen Lujanac says:

    Do you get a spare teflon feet with this mouse?
    I have copperhead for 5 years now ,and it was great mouse.

  18. RenzoRaptor says:

    and more expensive

  19. TheNerdCircle says:

    I agree.

  20. KibeMadafaka says:

    I prefer Razer over Steelseries(I have Lycosa and Deathadder),but I dont know if Z-ahis bug is fixed,I lift my mice 5 times in 10 seckonds lol,and I can’t play with z-axis bug…:/

  21. TheNerdCircle says:

    lol :) 

  22. TheNerdCircle says:

    depends on what you prefer more.

  23. RenzoRaptor says:

    deter-mine lol

  24. KibeMadafaka says:

    This one or the steel series sensei?????????

  25. TheNerdCircle says:

    and more expensive

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