Human-powered (Hand Crank) or USB-charged Electric Shaver/Trimmer

Human-powered (Hand Crank) or USB-charged Electric Shaver/Trimmer

  • Ideal for travel, camping, and off-grid lifestyles
  • Rechargable internal lithium battery charges by hand crank or by mini-USB via car and wall chargers
  • Lightweight — only 160g
  • Meaures 137mm x 52mm x 41mm

The perfect companion for backpackers, RVers, or eco-conscious consumers.

Power is replenished by mini-USB (from a computer, a portable battery with USB outputs, or one of the included car and home adapters) or by three minutes of gentle hand cranking.

Features two floating shaving heads and a flip-out trimmer for sideburns. Operation is quiet.

Protective circuit prevents overcharging.

A very high quality product which would make a very welcome gift.

List Price: $ 15.00


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  1. Boogaloo "Boogaloo" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    It works but probably there are now better ones., April 3, 2013
    Boogaloo “Boogaloo” (Core of the Earth) –
    This review is from: Human-powered (Hand Crank) or USB-charged Electric Shaver/Trimmer

    I got one of these shavers for my van camper and I also use it at home in the bathroom. I works. It’s really flimsy. I don’t know how much longer it will last. I pulled the blades off to clean it and had trouble putting blades back on. It now makes a lot of noise and I just can seem to get it in perfect setup as it was before I cleaned it. It should not be that difficult. Next time I would buy one that is ranked higher with lots more stars if I had to do it again, even if a little more expensive. I do use this and it does work … just not as well as I would like. A better build and paying a little more money would be better. As for the idea of a hand crank shaver .. it is a great idea and I will never buy a plug-in shaver again! It has a pop out beard trimmer thingy that works. Sometimes the thing catches my beard and it hurts or the shaver grabs a whisker wrong and it’s uncomfortable. That is the breaks and I am a big boy and can handle it. It will be very interesting to see how long this shaver last. I have used it maybe 15 times so far and it is still working. GO SHAVER from CHINA!!! A chip of the plastic broke off the cover somehow very easily, but no biggy. It was just a little chip that didn’t effect the operation. They used extremely cheap plastic to mold this thing. Hay company that makes this: make your builds a little better and charge a little more and you will do better in the American Market!

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