How to install an electrical outlet How to install an electrical outlet. Wiring an electrical outlet is an important part of electrical wiring process, learn how to install and wire a new electrical outlet with expert tips and advice on home improvement in this free video from Expert:…
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“VideoJoeKnows” will show you how to remove a “damaged” electrical outlet box. Removing a damaged electrical outlet box requires a few tools & a little “know” how. Want to “know” how to remove a damaged electrical outlet box?… may come in handy one day……you never “know”.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jettastreetracer says:

    my garage i have 4 outlets. im sure i got enough power to add 2 more outlets right?what else do i need i got the wire allready there. what kind of outlets do i need?outside we have one with the reset test button which i guess is a gfci or whatever. should i get those kinds?my dad’s friend knows elctrical but he is out of state and i did wire up my garage florecent light. black on black, white on white, and the copper goes tot he green screw.i did turn power off. need help going to lowes tomorrow

  2. fairyheli2 says:

    american wiring looks messy

  3. TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd says:

    @MrSpyderuser yeah i am electrician for 8 years and Ive seen alot of electrical messes haha

  4. grapeHateraid says:

    @MrSpyderuser cool thats sweet! thanks 

  5. MrSpyderuser says:

    @grapeHateraid Great question and I’m going to post a video soon to address your question. The receptacles in your grandmothers new house are split. 1 socket may be HOT or on all the time and the other may be on a switch. I’m going to post a video soon that will explain this better.

  6. MrSpyderuser says:

    @96drummer96 Thanks for the comment 96drummer96. The circuit should always be grounded. The grounding method could vary based on different types of outlets, boxes and wiring. Always make sure you provide a ground path for current to return to earth.

  7. MrSpyderuser says:

    @TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd Thanks for the comment TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd . Yes you are correct. Connectors should always be tightened. This video was made to show the basics of installing an outlet. I have other videeos that cover the basics of connectors. Thanks for pointing this out for other viewers.

  8. TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd says:

    Respond to this video…  Dude your romex connector on the top is way too loose. its moving around. You need to tighten the 1/2 inch lock nut

  9. TeNaCiOuSLeGeNd says:

    @DJVADO17 You do not have to ground the 4 square box in this video because it is recessed. To NEC code you have to ground metal boxes that are SURFACE mounted. But it is a good idea to ground the box anyways.

  10. pivotboy63 says:

    @dankestbudd it doesnt HAVE to be off, but its MUCH safer if it is. go outside and find your box that has all the breakers in it. either find the breaker for the room you want to put the outlet in, or if they’re not labeled, turn off the main breaker (the big one usually at the top of the box). this will cut all power going into your house.

  11. 96drummer96 says:

    You were suppose to put a grounding screw on the metal junction box then ground the box and receptacle with a pig tail.

  12. dankestbudd says:

    the electricity has to be off right? Because im not sure how to turn off the electricity to where i’d like to install an outlet???

  13. RAHULVPV says:

    Please some one advice me: I am having two electronic ballast tubelights that are controlled by one switch. Now, one of them is always getting short circuit. I have replaced 4 of these within one year, none of them lasting more than a month – cause I dont even go to that room regularly. What is the problem? Everything works well for 10-15 days and then it gets short. The wiring is perfect… Is it because of the 2-way system? I’d love to have some help from any of you experts..Thank you !



  15. SuperNinja35 says:

    I think that the type of outlet that he is using is the best. The ones that u push the wire in on the back r the worst.

  16. grapeHateraid says:

    hey just wondering, in my grandmother’s new house some plugs have an issue, the outlet on top wont work but the bottom one will, is this a mistake on the electricians part, just wondering why this would be

  17. whotaughtyou says:


  18. Lilmiket1000 says:

    one down, 10 more to go lmao

  19. bjornjoseph says:

    great video!. i didnt know about the brass/silver screw. i just mirrored the way the original outlet was. i have a question though. im planning on finishing the basement and would liek to do as much as i can. there are junction boxes in the ceiling. how many outlets can i attach to those? is it something i can just string from one outlet to the next? i dont mind if they’re all on the same circuit.

  20. SuperTechieJ says:

    What about installing an outlet with four plugs rather than the normal two?

  21. bandiit17 says:

    Hey there, the wire stripper has holes in it for making those little loops. I personally like to use those, just one less tool I have to carry around. :)

  22. Riokushinaku says:

    Hey MrSpyderuser. You forgot the most important first step. Always always make sure there is no electricity flowing through the wires that you are working with! Either by switching of the corresponding circuit or whole house breaker or not connecting the wire to the circuit box in pre construction wiring. A very large amount of electrical shocks and death are cause by people not knowing to or forgetting to make sure there is no electrical load to the wires they are working with.

  23. binkybinkyman says:

    Why did you not ground the box?

  24. Imdill3 says:

    @wesley4006 you don’t see us complaining about your crappy flathead screws :D

  25. youngeanzz says:

    Come and fix my basement ! :D
    I only have 2 electrical outlets in my basement and I am a person who uses a lot of electrical devices

  26. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @mihaigutulan “Joe” is full of it sometimes huh,,,,,,hot air that is!! Sometimes he’s not sure when to turn it off as some viewers learn more the more he talks…..yet others, his wind effects them differently!……they shut down. If you’ve watched “joe” long enough you will see that he only has the best intentions on helping you save money with your howto projects. You’ve got to know he means well……I know!!….lol :0

  27. mihaigutulan says:

    A typical long talking, long working american!

  28. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @blackbee100 Thanks for your observation! I’ll do just that….next time. Here’s another tip……I’ve even cut off the nails by using just a hacksaw “blade” in my hands. Make sure to wear gloves….that way works too….maybe even better….prevents hitting the wall with the hacksaw. Try it….you’ll like it lol! Joe :0

  29. blackbee100 says:

    Thanks for the suggestion I knew there had to be an easier way. Let me also give you my own observation. Turn the blade over in the saw so it wont hit the wall. No reason the saw has to be facing down like that.

  30. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @arlen49 It’s just a better hacksaw than the standard ones. This is a heavier professional grade hacksaw. The brand name is Stanley & I’m pretty sure “joe” got it at Home Depot. I’ve got another video where “joe” talks about it more in detail…..look for it. :0

  31. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @arlen49 Apparently Ace does not have this particular hacksaw available. I think “joe” purchased this hacksaw at Home Depot?…..not 100% sure….I’ll have to ask him. Try Home Depot or Lowes & most electrical wholsale houses will have a similar hacksaw. It’s a nice hacksaw as the top shaft is hollow, where you can store additional blades or you can put one in how “joe” did…tighten it up & away you go. “Joe” says this type of hacksaw costs a little more but well worth it. Look for it. Joe :0

  32. arlen49 says:

    Joe Arlen@49 has never seen a saw like the one in this video. I have been to Ace Hardware many times what kind of saw is it.

  33. arlen49 says:

    Arlen@49 says he has been to Ace Hardware and never seen a saw like the one
    Joe used at the beginning of this Video. What type of saw is it Arlen@49 was

  34. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @srbeckable Sometimes you have to make all that noise to complete a project like this! Thanks for commenting on this as I always like to hear from my viewers. Remember… takes a “stud” to build a house lol! Keep watching. Joe :0

  35. srbeckable says:

    You Stud, grunt grunt, cmon baby, my my, funny stuff. Good videos though Joe!

  36. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @ravelm Thanks for your comment. I have several other videos on installing cutin electrical outlet boxes……look for them. Joe :0

  37. ravelm says:

    Cool, thank you! :)

  38. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @rico0910 Sometimes you have to “talk to it” & then it works out better lol! I’m glad I was able to help you out with this video. Thanks for checking it out & sending me your comments….I appreciate it….I always like to hear from my viewers. Hey…..why don’t you subscribe to my channel? That way you won’t miss any additional videos I plan to upload to my channel. I am here to help you with your projects. Drop me a line anytime you have a howto/diy question. I’m just one click away. Joe :0

  39. rico0910 says:

    2:50 “Cmon Baby” LOL! Sounds like me when I’m getting impatient with these things too. Great video! I have the same problem and couldn’t find any screwheads. I did notice the two silver rods — didn’t realize they were nails. Thanks!

  40. VideoJoeKnows says:

    @tennisdave1953 Beautiful! I’m glad you were able to remove your electrical box in the ceiling, the same way I showed for a wall outlet. Keep watching. Any time you have a howto question, let me know. Way to go! Thanks for sending me your comments. I always like to hear from my viewers. Joe :0

  41. tennisdave1953 says:

    Thanks Joe. Just used your idea of sawing off the nails of an electrical box in my ceiling. I used a hacksaw blade to remove nails on the hanger that went between the joists. Thanks again!!!!!!!

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