How To Choose The Best Electric Shaver

Master Barber Will Williams takes us through the Wal-Mart shaving aisle in an attempt to find the best electric shaver. It’s all about materials, architecture, motor speed, head foils, brand and price. Razor bumps are going down! For more information, check out: http

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10 Responses to How To Choose The Best Electric Shaver

  1. timbln4432 says:

    @lexidime1 hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. CommanderB9488 says:

    I have that razor from Wahl and man is it slick. Lithium Ion battery lasts quite a while. Great buy at Walmart

  3. 88warwolf says:

    Braun uses an outdated worthless design. anyone that has real facial hair they are going to need the Phillips Norelco 3D(most expensive they can afford). or if you want a foil design go with the most expensive Panasonic you can afford. Braun is worthless for anyone with a thick beard.

  4. PaceShave says:

    Great insight. Thanks for sharing!


  5. murdamechanik says:

    What is the best electric shaver for black men? And what is the proper way to shave, dry or wet and with what cream?

  6. smokyjoe59 says:

    The new braun razor.

  7. sangolt88 says:

    @lexidime1 Was it the 7-series?

  8. bumppatrol says:

    You always want to do your best to not upset the direction of the grain… it is all about the prep and the slower motions. Don’t sandpaper your face – gently trim it!

  9. lexidime1 says:

    @jls511 my brother bought this type of shaver and it turned his face into a pepperoni slice pizza

  10. jls511 says:

    If I use the braun 7 series, would I still have to shave with the grain or could I just shave in all directions?

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