Electric razor head shave finish- woman’s

Just got a straight razor head shave at a barbershop and he didn’t get it close enough! Good thing I brought the electric razor! I just like the feel of it. Yes I am a female. Yes I am happily married. So think what you want. I don’t give a rats a$ $ . :)
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24 Responses to Electric razor head shave finish- woman’s

  1. Thetrutv says:

    It looks nice but why do you shave?

  2. WtfIsAGorKo says:

    How did I get here? O.o

  3. WtfIsAGorKo says:


  4. ShinyBaldHead4ever says:

    So thats how you keep it nice and shiny! I have a sensitive scalp so an electric razor is ideal for me! Thanks!

  5. svenja3bald says:

    you look fantastic with your head shaved smooth! u have the ideal head shape for it. u seem to like it as smooth as possible.
    r u a military women? u look tall and strong and very self-confident. thumb up for a bold bald woman.
    do u still keep it shaved? the last vid was about 7 months ago.

  6. Tendoking says:

    Physician (in this case, barber), heal thyself! Nice to see you take it into your own hands. You look great. Is there a ‘before’ image, when you had long hair?

  7. StraightRazored says:

    Hi- Sorry for the delay… been pretty busy… :(
    Actually the electric razor does the best! It’s a Braun and a few years old but I’m very happy with it.
    Have a great week!

  8. digzmania says:

    You look amazing. Thank you for sharing your videos.
    How close does your electric razor get the stubble? Back in the day, when I used to shave my head, I simply stuck to using a MACH3 razor because I never could find an electric razor that could get it close enough for my preference.
    I’ve had long hair for the past 4 years, but am seriously thinking about going back to the smooth look. And since my wife prefers my hair short, I want to be able to easily keep it up if I make that decision.

  9. StraightRazored says:

    Howdy! Hope you and the Mrs are oing well. Life is great for Tom and I!!!! :) xoxoxoxo

  10. Crewctlvr says:

    Laura, it is so good to see you still at it. We both first became bald in 1997. When the hair has to go it has to go.

  11. Laura Hedien says:

    Hi- There’s two I used but the good ole Braun that’s not made is the best. Bought a new Panasonic costs $150 and I like the other one better!

  12. Hannible100 says:

    Hi babe yea looks cool! What razor is that i,ve shaved my head for 10 years now but can,t find a decent lectric one that douse the job? thanks

  13. StraightRazored says:

    Thanks…. hubby likes it… we’re both “hair” people. :)
    I have to shave it then let it grow due to work, social things… etc. usually it’s 1/4″ or less. It fluctuates between shaved and that. It gets cold out! :)

  14. switpolack says:

    You look great.  What does your mate think of you shaving your head? How long have you kept it shaved? Do you expext to keep it shaved?

  15. StraightRazored says:

    What do I put? Like put on after? Depends… sometimes nothing… sometimes one of the bald lotion products…. moisturizer… etc…

  16. Hyluxy says:

    Love it ! What does she put after the shave ?

  17. StraightRazored says:

    LOL… come on now…. but thanks…

  18. StraightRazored says:

    Well thank you. I’ll be shaving again in just over a week. :)

  19. shaveherbald says:

    My kind of woman! Beautiful and smooth.

  20. StraightRazored says:

    LOL… agreeed!!

  21. park247 says:

    i know the feeling it has to be smooth all over —–and if at any area that isn,t smooth, its not complete . so keep it smooth all over

  22. StraightRazored says:

    Thanks… it was the “against the grain” stubble….. much better now!

  23. cumdomyhair says:

    yes that is much better looking stunning now

  24. StraightRazored says:

    thought about it.. one of those things though… if you don’t like it… you’re stcuk with it for awhile! :)
    Can’t wait to retire when these things don’t matter.
    Thank you for your comments! :)

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