Disgrace to Gaming: Philips CD-I review conclusion (part 7)

The final and concluding part of this seven part review exploring the failed system, the Philips CD-I. If you haven’t seen the previous six parts, you can view them using the links below. *** NOTE ONE *** The save feature isn’t really a flaw. The older cartridge based systems used save batteries as well, NES, Genesis, SNES, N64, etc. The only difference was the battery was on the cartridge. The Saturn and the Sega CD also had save batteries inside the system and eventually the batteries for all these aforementioned systems and cartridges will go out and need to be replaced. I can’t believe I didn’t know this beforehand. *** END OF NOTE ONE *** Part One: www.youtube.com Part Two: www.youtube.com Part Three: www.youtube.com Part Four: www.youtube.com Part Five: www.youtube.com Part Six: www.youtube.com Part Seven: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Disgrace to Gaming: Philips CD-I review conclusion (part 7)

  1. Insanityltself says:

    I grew up playing Zelda’s adventure and i even play it sometimes nowaday and it really isn’t that bad at all.

  2. 1bgood97 says:

    You don’t know how painful it was to voice-act Link in the Wand of Gamelon.

  3. ampm3251 says:

    Wow, very informative. I never heard of these games, nor have I heard of anyone being negative about’em which is probebly because nobody ever bothered playing them. But, overall this was very informal and interesting. If I heard of these games if I was born earlier, I wouldn’t think they’re bad, but I would probebly find them hard to play. But you’ve made it look not so bad by having a positive and honest opinion. I respect that. Good job on these video’s of the CD-I

  4. AnimeBrozFusion says:

    Did anyone catch the stolen animation in Link: The Faces of Evil,and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. The cut scenes of those two games look like a 3rd Grader read the book on How The Legend of Zelda Cartoon characters are drawn, and then redrew them on a computer, and called their best friends to do the voicing. And seriously everyone knows that Link and Zelda are not as soft and also and don’t talk.

  5. nicodemous52 says:

    Oh, I remember the informercials… I wanted those Zelda games soo bad… I seem to remember the local library having one, but all they had was chess and a hand full of crap…

  6. thatXxFRESHxXguy says:

    in my opinion, Hotel Mario may just be one of the greatest games ever from how bad it was! i mean really! have you seen how many youtube poops people have made out of those cut scenes?

  7. adamx20 says:

    I can. The animation is in the same style as the Mario Bros. cartoon.

  8. theebiggestboss says:

    I realize you may not read this comment(especially considering you are not currently associating with this website) but I really enjoy the videos on your channel. This series and your other videos are all very informative and well thought out. Also your personality is very likeable(to me) and I would be very happy if you were to start this channel up again.

  9. Goltork2 says:

    I really enjoyed this series!

  10. kingmariop476 says:

    I’m sad you’re on a hiatus, no matter where you are, home, accounting agency, the moon, nintendo, jail, atlantis, good luck, I’ll just wait, your videos are woth that, also, in the future, if you ever return, in the description, put something like everything copyright nintendo and Phillips, it’ll help you get out of lots of trouble.

  11. thupermonkeyballs says:

    @thee3nd if you could review Superman 64 for “bad finds” i would appreciate it.

  12. NonstopRam says:

    I wonder how a random guy felt when he bought Zedla’s Adventure for 20 bucks in the 90s. Then sell it for 150 today.

  13. SuperMarkerComicBro says:

    SMCB: I like the CDi
    Someone else: WHAT?!
    SMCB: It makes for some funny YTPs.
    Someone else: Oh, good.

  14. flamesdemon19 says:

    Actually you are right.I haven’t played hotel mario ever but I always believed it sucked untill I saw actual gameplay.Then,without shame or anything I always say that only the cutscenes suck.And thanks to you I know that Zelda’s adventure is decent/good too.So let’s say that Zelda’s adventure is the triforce of power owned by good forces in a parallel universe of Hyrule XD(Still though.You’d expect that they’d make better cutscenes.They could even use 3d stuff…)

  15. TheaonicAdversary says:

    To me it’s the heinous movie clips that make these games ridiculous. I burst out laughing watching the unaltered opening of hotel mario ever time I see that lame looking walk and bowser’s inappropriate laugh. I just don’t see how the authors could have overlooked how ridiculous those clips were.

  16. RetroVideoFan says:

    I’ve calculated the length of all the videos in the CD-i review. I’ve come up with a total running time of 92 minutes and 32 seconds for all seven parts combined. That’s just over an hour and a half. That is truly impressive.

  17. Majinhero says:

    I dare you to actualy look at mpario bros. 3 cartoon. All of them.

  18. Majinhero says:

    Yes, buy a console in a shop 15 years after it came out. Having a good time finding a NES game at your local wall-markt?

  19. IvoryGecko1993 says:

    The Playstation wasn’t the first to impliment a Memory Card. The NeoGeo AES was actually the first to impliment this ordeal.

  20. ArcadeGames says:

    I have a CD-i now, and it’s such a piece…

  21. 88deathguy says:

    Hotel Mario’s “Mindless Paroding” are because of the intro and the toaster cutscenes, yes the cutscenes are cheesy, and that’s pretty much why everyone’s saying Hotel Mario sucks.

  22. avatarchrisrocks says:

    Maybe he didn’t find it so he went on Ebay to buy it.

  23. CheapJabroni says:

    You are a cheap jabroni, why get it on ebay? Just go buy it at the store!

  24. avatarchrisrocks says:

    Hotel Mario was a good game because its like this: Not bad animation, but voices aren’t bad, even though its not Italian(In Super Mario Super Show, Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World didn’t as well, but they are good Cartoons. And the games are fun.

  25. TrapnestShinigami says:

    The whole series of videos is very impresive… I mean, I can really see you admire the AVGN, but unlike that fucker Irate Gamer, you do have a style of your own, and the whole porject was great, even that I’m picking it up over one year later after you finnished it. So… well, congrats xD…

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