Conair Hot Gel / Lather Machine

Hot lather/gel softens and sets the beard to provide close but ultra-comfortable shaving

Product Conair HLM11CH Chrome Hot Lather Machine Price: 9.95 Ever wonder why a barber shop shave is so much better than the kind you give yourself at home? Hot lather softens beard hairs for a smoother, closer shave. Now you can enjoy the same rich, luxurious experience every day with Conair’s hot lather machine.

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8 Responses to Conair Hot Gel / Lather Machine

  1. antmitch17 says:

    I got the same thing and it works

  2. abca982 says:

    she called me sexy *blush*

  3. aquamus says:


  4. amevu123 says:


  5. wolfrolf says:

    yes. why not?! :)

  6. masareti says:

    ew..ur gay

  7. DevSodDribble says:

    Yeah she uses this too, but guess where?? :D

  8. wolfrolf says:

    what a cute man.

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