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Video Rating: 4 / 5

This product and replacement blades are now available at Kwai Chi’s Online store at Kwai Chi gives a frank review of the Philips Philishave Arcitec RQ1095. Philishave is known as Norelco in the USA. For more information on the product go to the manufacturer’s website

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  1. rawrritsMEGAN says:

    I’ve had this epilator for a few years now and just started using it regularly. I LOVE IT! So worth the money! It’s been a few months and my leg hair has gotten a lot thinner and weak.

  2. Fobemolove says:

    elepitate XD so funny! But this was very helpfull thank you :)

  3. smilecuzimakeu22 says:

    It worked at first but than it just started cutting the hair =(

  4. sasser129 says:

    @l3errylicious yours is probably the shaver head instead of the epilator or maybe you have the shaver that looks just like the epilator. I think I saw the what was the shaver and almost ordered it because it looked just like the epilator.

  5. I3errylicious says:

    I dont if its just me but mine doesnt pull out the hairs i have the braun sile epil 7 and it just cuts off the hairs i dont know what to do

  6. Lightning6433 says:

    Where can I buy this??? Is it availible at walmart???

  7. mpkerk says:

    @juxtn u go guy! lol

  8. bhsp says:

    you mean ‘lofah’ ;) 

  9. princessvalerie04 says:

    can you buy this in stores?? if so can anyone tell me where?

  10. sembion999 says:

    @juxtn what is beter shaving or use braun silk-epil???

  11. savvyybabyy says:

    @Theycallmespaced it justt falls off as u tweeze it doesnt hve a compartment for hair

  12. savvyybabyy says:

    @sweettulay14 it doesnt matter what age you aree, just depends if you can deal with the pain.

  13. xevanesco says:

    @sb2jan I have and it does work. But it hurt a lot more than it did on my legs, let me tell you that! lol

  14. xevanesco says:

    @TheBleeq Yep!

  15. xevanesco says:

    @juxtn It does help a little bit. I found a new product that you can buy from Sally’s beauty supply. The brand is called GiGi and what you’re going to look for the the numbing spray. It numbs the skin, and it helps a lot!

  16. juxtn says:

    i am a guy, and i bought this braun silk-epil, i just used it on my face so i can shave less often. it hurt a bit, but it was worth it, i am on day 2 now and my face is still free from hairs. I know the hairs will slowly start to re grow, but this product worked for me very well. does the tylenol really work in terms of reducing the pain?

  17. jessicaiyer says:

    m asian n i have hair like a man!

  18. rrenice says:

    whats the model of this braun epil?

  19. TheBleeq says:

    u can use it everywhere even on your back and tummy???

  20. Sandysfashion says:

    @PopQueen100 No, just kidding.

  21. PopQueen100 says:

    @Sandysfashion if you dont like it dont watch it – its a good video because she talks about the product thoroughly!

  22. PopQueen100 says:

    @loolaverhoeven1 thanks im in the same position and this comment really helped :D

  23. sb2jan says:

    Have you tried it on your upper lip/face? Does it work? Thank you!

  24. pierremcneil says:

    First time user.. this hurtssssssssssss lol. But good video.

  25. kaleythao says:

    have you ever tried it on the upper lip ?

  26. TheMagicmandan says:

    @TheMagicmandan its not really new its new to me

  27. TheMagicmandan says:

    i have a new razor with the sachets you put in the back?? thing is i dont know how to put the thing in the back??

  28. macbookprofan90 says:

    why have you got 2 pin plug sockets in london?!

  29. daystar140 says:

    Im selling a Philips Arcitec RQ1050 29 Electric Shaver.

    Super cheap.

    On Ebay, search “Philips Arcitec RQ1050 29 Electric Shaver (Rechargeable/Cordless)!

  30. Corvid says:

    @begdaj Uhhh, no, he has stubble in his beard area…. the main heads aren’t going to (or designed to) remove a full length beard, are they.

  31. lindonilson25 says:

    you don’t have any beard ,so shut up!

  32. begdaj says:

    ccoooommmmme on !!! dude you are beardless,,soooo u r not expecting this video to take our attention,r u ????

  33. seikogoldwatch2009 says:

    Ooh, a nameless, faceless prick on the Internet called me a fag. I’m SO offended.

  34. 6u6u7o says:

    And I prefer not to shave =D problem solved!

  35. bitsabiker says:

    Haters gonna hate… right trollfag

  36. bitsabiker says:

    And on that day not a fuck was given

  37. seikogoldwatch2009 says:

    And, no, electric razors don’t work by pulling the hair. Foil shavers don’t work that way. Remington razors don’t work that way. Braun razors don’t work that way. Panasonic razors dont work that way. I guess you think all electric razors are made by Philips. Wrong.

  38. seikogoldwatch2009 says:

    First off, this razor nowhere says “Philishave” on it. The Philishave name was phased out in 2006, three years before this razor was introduced. This razor, and all razors of Philips since that time bear only the Philips name. In the USA, “Philips Norelco” is used. Secondly, you’re Asian. Like I’m going to take razor advice from a member of a race notorious for being UNABLE to grow beards.

  39. tupacshakur5633 says:

    grow a beard!!!

  40. deweymhoke says:

    Let’s see grizzley Adams use this razor machine if it works then I’ll get on he’ll that Asian guy beaver cleaver got more beard than him lol

  41. m33lad says:

    yah but you dont have a lot of facial hair!! unlike me!

  42. MaHennessy says:

    What a great review! I had been looking for a razor to get my husband for father’s day and couldn’t find a good review until now! Per your recommendation I think this is the razor I’ll buy! Thanks for a thorough and honest review!

  43. MaHennessy says:

    Hi Kwaichi. I am thrilled you did this review. I am looking to buy my husband an electric razor for father’s day and couldn’t find a really good review until you! I think per your review I will be buying this razor. Thanks again, and will be watching more of your review videos!

  44. Davesworld7 says:

    @informant007 I’m white with a fairly tough beard and the Brauns as well as other foil shavers at some point eat the foil and cut my face right after a huge chunk of foil gets ripped out by the blade, my beard and the exact conditions at a sequence of events set off a chain reaction. This can happen with new blades and foil as well. It’s purely unpredictable. Fortunately I have only gotten scraped by the bare blades. The foil shavers are only close at first, they lose closeness quickly with me

  45. Davesworld7 says:

    @EngelAgil Which one? The 1090 modeI? Is it because of the lack of a model with the jetclean charger/cleaner such as the 1050 has with the 1050cc? Most retail outlets only carry the 1050 which lacks the charge meter and stainless trim. They all use the same RQ10 head.

  46. kwaichi says:

    @aniketarora7 Precision stuff will be easier with a Braun design or a 2 head phillips because of skin coverage. The trimmer helps for precision on places like the sideburns and for a guide. There are precision trimming kits as well that may be more suitable which can be used in conjunction with a proper electric razor :)

  47. aniketarora7 says:

    Kwaichi -

    I have a skinny chin strap beard on my face. With a regular disposable razor, it takes me about fifteen minutes to complete the shaving. I was wondering if it would be difficult to do this precision shaving with an electric shaver like the Phillips Norelco Arcitec or Braun series 7 shaver. Thanks for the great review!

  48. afshin007 says:

    u shaved both sides what are u talking about one side shaven and one not??

  49. tradie1 says:

    Is that with a europe plug? 240v

  50. kwaichi says:

    Cool :)

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