• Men’s Rechargeable Shaver; 3-in-1 Shaving System; Shave: Extra Wide Floating Foil Head Adjust Perfectly To Facial Conturs
  • Style: 2 Sided Rotating Styler: Extendable Wide Shaper For Larger Areas and Trimming Long Hairs And Narrow Precision Shaper For Precisely Defined Lines, Edges and Curves
  • FREE Gillette Fusion Razor; Trim: Adjustable Trimming Attachment To Keep Breaded At Desired Length
  • Washable; Corded / Cordless Operation; 1 LED Charging Light; 1 Hour Full Charge Time; Up To 30 Minute Shaving Time
  • Worldwide Voltage Adjustment: 100V to 240V AC; Replace The Foil and Cutterblock Every 18 Months For Optimum Performance

Going for the stubble look Like the five-oclock shadow The Braun Cruzer3 shaver is the only product that allows you to shave your style. An independently floating wide foil produces a very close and comfortable shave.A wide shaper for large areas and a narrow shaper for precise lines and edges allows you to create any facial hair style imaginable. Add a multi-length beard trimming attachment, and you have the only shaver with three-in-one functionality (shave, style, trim). Independently floatin

List Price: $ 89.99


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