Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer

Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer

  • Braun`s most powerful beard trimmer
  • Powerful dual battery system that adjusts to tough beard conditions for an even trim
  • Ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element for defined beard styles
  • Adjustable beard comb with six settings for a perfect stubble or full beard look (1-11mm)
  • Adjustable hair comb with six settings for precisely trimmed hairstyles (10-20mm)

The Braun cruZer 6 beard & head is Braun’s most powerful tool for styling your beard and head exactly the way you want. Boasting a dual battery system for powerful trimming, the cruZer 6 beard & head also features remarkably long battery life. It comes with two adjustable click & lock trimming combs that let you trim and clip up to 12 different lengths (1-20mm), making it remarkably easy to go from a neatly trimmed full beard to subtle designer stubble.The Braun cruZer6 beard & head is Braun

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  1. Charlie Courtland "Bitsy Bling Books" says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    A Good Product, But Not A Great Product, July 8, 2011
    This review is from: Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer (Health and Beauty)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    The pro’s of this product include being lightweight, which makes its easy and less tiresome to use and also that it is cord free. No more extension cord getting wrapped, hooked, or tangled with other products on the counter. In comparison to other trimmers, this product is very safe. It truly seems impossible to cut yourself and that is even without making use of the blade guard. It is able to cut very precise lines and the trimmer height adjustment makes it simple to perform taper and fading of short hair.

    The con’s of this product include that the motor is underpowered. The device requires frequent cleaning. Hair gets caught in cutting blades and during a single haircut (military-style) short hair the blade had to be cleaned approx. 6 times. This caused a lot of stopping and starting to provide cleaning maintenance during cut/trimming. It was also more difficult to trim hair around ears.

    All in all: This is a more ideal product for beard trimming rather than cutting short head hair. If this is the purchasers main purpose, it is an excellent product. If you’re hoping to have a more universal tool that can perform both tasks (beard and head), this might not be the one for you.

    *This particular trimmer was used to cut very short (military-style) head hair of normal thickness.

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  2. K. Harris "Film aficionado" says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Yet Another Hair Trimmer–This One Distinguished By A Unique And Practical Design, June 29, 2011
    K. Harris “Film aficionado” (Albuquerque, NM) –

    This review is from: Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer (Health and Beauty)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

    As hard as I might try, it’s difficult to muster up extreme enthusiasm over a hair trimmer. It isn’t that they aren’t essential, they are–the Braun Cruzer is about the sixth such device that I’ve owned. But on a functional review (especially on a product in such a competitive marketplace), if something does what it is supposed to do–that is a four star rating. You have to be completely special, unique or effective to stand out when hundreds of shavers exist in retail venues. Well, the Braun Cruzer did (surprisingly) exceed my expectations and my initial impression would award the device 4 1/2 stars. As with any electronic product, however, the true test comes with time and usage–so I’m going to round to four stars until I can make an effective statement of how the shaver holds up to continued usage.

    Admittedly, I haven’t always gone with the state-of-the-art options in my trimmers. Cost has always factored into my decision making process–I just can’t bring myself to indulge in the high end shavers. The Cruzer is nicely placed in the mid-range cost category. You can certainly get cheaper, but it’s also easy to spend more! The affordability is a talking point for me, however, because the unique design makes this seem like a more expensive option.

    The most unique aspect in the Braun Cruzer is that there are fewer attachments and more actual settings. There is a hair comb and a beard comb–both easily snap and lock into place. Then you actually adjust the razor itself to get the appropriate length setting. It’s so simple and ingenious, but was completely new to me. The trimmer, for more detail work, also slides out. While I rarely sport a beard or fashionable stubble, I can see how this would be invaluable to maintaining a consistent length. And the fact that it is almost idiot proof is also an added blessing. I’ve been very pleased so far with the Braun Cruzer, but if something develops (either good or bad–we’re still in the honeymoon period)–I’ll be sure to update the review and hopefully kick it up to five stars if it holds up to long term usage. KGHarris, 6/11.

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  3. Tom H. says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Extremely satisfied with this very versitile trimmer, October 6, 2011
    Tom H.
    Amazon Verified Purchase(', ‘AmazonHelp’, ‘width=400,height=500,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,status=1′);return false; “>What’s this?)
    This review is from: Braun Cruzer 6 Beard & Head Trimmer (Health and Beauty)

    Much like you are doing right now, I poured over hundreds of reviews on numerous trimmers before I settled on one. I chose the Braun 6 Head and Beard trimmer and am very satisfied with my choice.

    Short review:
    Lightweight, Low vibrations, Low noise, cuts very well, short charge time, attached retractable small/narrow trimmer, can trim while plugged in, and covers a wide hair length range. The price is very good compared to how nice and versatile this trimmer is. Originally I was looking for a more affordable item, but the reviews urged me to spend a little more. Very thick, longer hair will clog up the trimmer quickly, so removing the comb and dumping the hair is required. It’s a minor inconvenience at best. Definate recommend.

    Long review:
    When I read reviews, I read the bad ones first. Most of them said the same thing and they were far outweighed by the positive reviews. I trim/shave most of the regions on my body, and I will cover each area at a time. First, the trimmers are very lightweight which is nice when trimming your head with lifted arms for an extended periods of time. Compared to most other trimmers (especially plug in versions) the vibration and noise are nominal. The body is plastic and half of it is rubberized for improved grip. The trimmer fits well in your hand and is laid out very well. Unlike the Braun 5, the Braun 6 has a shorter charge time once you perform the initial charge. The indicator light does a great job of letting you know the state of your charge as well, both charging and discharging. My body hair ranges from very coarse and wirey, to very thin and light. I did not have one single hair pull/snag. The hardest part of using the trimmer is figuring out what length setting to use! The trim length guide is clearly marked and will not jump out of the setting. There are two detachable combs. One gives you lengths from 1 to 10 millimeters, and the other gives you from 10 to 20 millimeters. Not using a comb at all will give you a very close to the skin trim. The Braun 6 also has a retractable, narrow-head secondary trimmer. This smaller trimmer is great for reaching small and narrow areas, such as under the nose and around the top of the ears, among others. The comb prongs, although they are plastic, are pretty stiff and keep skin out, and hair cuts level with very little comb bending or deflection. As with most plastic appliances, you should take care to not be rough with the trimmer, the combs particularly. A reasonable level of care will yield many years of use out of this trimmer. I dropped mine from a four foot shelf after its first use, and it still works just fine (whew!). The trimmer comes with a small travel case and the charger has a curled cord so it doesnt tangle up if you are trimming while plugged in. I tested using the trimmer while plugged in with a very low battery. It ran at full strength, which is a very nice feature instead of having to wait for the charge. Charge time for the Braun 6 is 1 hour. My sessions are between 30-40 minutes and it was still running strong at the end.

    My facial hair is very thick, coarse, and wire-like! The Braun 6 cut it all quickly with ease. My facial hair curls a little and some of those can be tricky to get all one length, so I recommend using a fine tooth comb to get the hair as straight as possible for an even cut.

    Head hair:
    My hair up top is very thick and straight. I wear a military ‘high and tight’ hair style. The trimmer cuts very quickly and efficiently. It took only a couple passes to get everything even and at the proper length. The only fault I found is that thick hair will clog up the area between the blades and the comb. I did need to stop every several passes to remove the comb and dump the hair clump. It only did this on the longer hair on top of my head, not the sides or elsewhere on my body. The advantage is that I could dump the hair clumps where I wanted instead of it going everywhere, like with regular clippers.

    Chest hair:
    My chest hair is fairly wirey. Once again, no issues with cutting here.

    Pubic region:
    Let’s face it, tons of people trim that area and will do so with these clippers. Pubic hair is normally fairly coarse and curly,as is mine. Even on extremely soft and delicate skin, there were no dreaded hair snags. Also, the comb prongs do a very good job of preventing skin from making contact with the cutting blades. Of course you should always trim with caution down there to prevent unwanted contact, especially on skin that folds easily. The small size of the trimmer makes reaching certain areas very easy and less awkward. I know that when I get home from overseas, my wife will steal this trimmer and use it for her trimming!

    My underarm hair is very light and thin. This was the only area that I had some difficulty getting an even cut. Due…

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