Beard Trimmer Review – Remington MB 200

Get a sales price here: This is a full and complete review of the Remington MB 200 beard tr…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Check out our detailed written Oral B Triumph 5000 review at our site and also discover where you…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 Responses to Beard Trimmer Review – Remington MB 200

  1. Willis2992 says:

    The electrical cord, is that charged in the special annoying bathroom plugs or can you charge this in a standard house hold plug?

  2. ElectricShaverGuide says:

    At 9:30 there isn’t an attachment on, so you’re just buzzing off the facial hair at the lowest setting. It doesn’t need to pass through the attachment groves.

  3. Jim Pickens says:

    why do you trim that way? isnt it better to trim like you did at 6:45 rather than 9:30 etc?

  4. Mayura De Silva says:

    Thanks for the awesome reviews here, and your free guide was immensely helpful as I was new to this subject :)

    I’m gonna buy a beard trimmer for first time and unfortunately, there’s no variety of models to select from in here. Finally, I’ve narrowed down my choices to Panasonic ER2403 and Remington MB180 beard trimmers.

    Do you have any opinions on both?

  5. ElectricShaverGuide says:

    I don’t own the MB 320, but from what I see, it looks basically the same. Some models just have different product numbers based on certain locations. You can find sales prices on the MB 200 on the website through the link in the description.

  6. Nika Vasadze says:

    Hey… Thank for video ;)
    Is there a difference between the models MB320 and MB200?
    Because MB320 Online shopping (ebay) at twice the price
    Please answer me :)

  7. CommandoRunningMan says:

    can you recommend clippers or trimmers that DO NOT have a battery , but have a cord for maximum power ( i.e. no slowing down and pulling when cutting longer hair or stubble ) , and WASHABLE or waterproof?


  8. Brian Shanahan says:

    I believe in holding onto my beard for good. The beard trimmers are used for trimming beards, the length I use is up to 1-6. I trim the beard every third week and that’s good enough for all bearded men.

  9. ElectricShaverGuide says:

    Hey. I’ve never done anything more than just blowing or brushing stubble off the blades. I would say anything else is just optional in my opinion.

  10. 03045152525 says:

    hi , thanxxx for the video , one question, i have bought a remington also , do you clean with oil every now and then , ? thanxxx

  11. Rock619The says:

    hey i use scissor to cut my little beard,now what should i use razar or trimmer

  12. TheBiggVan says:

    i need a trimmer that gets close enough to my face. what would you recommend?

  13. trackflop says:

    @electricshaverguide Hey Im really impressed with your reviews and I am almost sold on the Remington 200. but have you tried Norelco QT4021 or Norelco QT4014/42? I couldnt find and adequate review. Let me know either way

  14. omarkkkplayer says:

    hey man ive been watching your reviews they are really helpful thanks however i have a question i would like to ask you what is the best trimmer to use if you want a clean shave look ive been using razors and razor machines but they irritate my skin with trimmers i dont get irritation but i need to get one that would give me almost clean shave look if not the actual so what can you suggest for me thanks

  15. TendoGamer says:

    Hey man, nice review. I’m from the UK and I bought this exact trimmer a couple of months ago from Amazon, but mine seems to be branded as the “Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer”. Looks exactly the same as the one in this video. Anyway, my question is, how long in your experience does it take to fully charge this shaver in general? The manual only refers to charging the trimmer for the first time for 14-16 hours, which seems excessive for all subsequent charges. Many thanks.

  16. Dexterprog says:

    Remington seems to have discontinued this model. What about mb4040?

  17. hesham mohamed says:

    hey tylor, thnx for giving us those wonderful tips but you actually made me more confused. look i have a thick beard and i wish you could help me with a machine that trim my beard and make it looks like as it was shaved one day ago.
    by the way i used to have braun cruze 3 but it couldn’t clean my neck efficiently.
    thnx a lot for ur time.

  18. ElectricShaverGuide says:

    No problem. All the Remington MB models are pretty similar. Some areas won’t have the 200 available, so the other choices like the 320 is fine.

  19. mseedat101 says:

    thanks for your video. as i live in uk. i cant purchase da remington mb 200. i have chose da link you put so we can purchase item. but you have put on da link for europe. but dat trimmer is called remington mb320. is dare a diffrence in performance if i purchase dat difrent model?

  20. michelleobama says:

    its jim carey!

  21. diego ospina says:

    hello friend, which is better this or the panasonic ER-GB 40, thanks.

  22. Hussnain H says:

    Hi, Could you please tell me what is the best trimmer for close up outlines e.g. allows me to do chin straps or atleast gives me the shaving look. I am looking for a trimmer around £15 seeing as I already bought a babyliss for men which is really rubbish at giving the shaving look. Please help me :( Im not looking to spend a lot of money now as money is quit a issue for me.  Do you recommend the wahl groomsman WA-9916-1117 for the shaving look? If you have any better trimmers let me know please.

  23. himalay majumdar says:

    I shave 2-3 times a week and usually keep my beard very short. Lately I have heard some of my friends saying that shaving everyday or very regularly is not good for the skin, many of them believe that constant shaving for years have made their skin rough. I have been thinking to start using trimmer for the same reason. Please advise.

  24. habib ur Rehman says:

    Hey! I followed your instructions and ordered my self a unit. I will be receiving it 9/2/13

  25. IDV84 says:

    just found one on the trash can wait to use it

  26. gotstahavesoul says:

    just got one and brought it home cant wait to use it I so wish it was pre-charged!

  27. Queenweezy1 says:

    Just bought one at a Massive discount.. For £30 on Groupon.. Can’t wait to get it

  28. landerzoo says:

    i just bought one that is charging now. i’m in the uk and it came with a european plug power adaptor. i was a bit worried because the plug didn’t fit into any of my uk plug adaptors – but it fit into a universal european plug adaptor, and that adaptor fit into my uk adaptor nicely. so a bit of a workaround: european (oral b) to european universal to universal uk. just in case you need to know.

  29. GumboSky says:

    Thank you for the details. I was kind of loss just bought it at a whim. My Oral B 5000 came with only one tooth head the deep cleaning one is that normal or am I being ripped off?

  30. IKKY 87 says:

    Hi there i just purchased the different version of Oral-B Triumph 5000 the one with the LCD. I have just unboxed mine and its been charge for almost 10 hours but its still not turning on, you mentioned that you charged yours for over 12 hours but was it completely dead at the time becuase i cant even see the battery meter in the LCD it is flat out dead do i need to wait 12-16hours is this something i should be concerned about? any help would be appreciated thanks.

  31. Simeon Trewenack says:

    Just bought one of these.. and has been on charge for two hours and only with one bar charged. is this normal you think?

  32. dboezm says:

    I brought a dual brush pack last week, both brush fully charge in 26 hours, this is a bit long compare to the one I used before

  33. Muhannad Alfadhli says:

    @pinswapme this toothbrush is the lateset generation mate

  34. EvangelicalCypriot says:

    Hey, I noticed you inserted the base the wrong way round @5:40. :)

  35. runsthroughmyveins8 says:

    im getting one.

  36. Bravo Six says:

    whats the difference between TriZone and Triumph ? can you also change the brushes of the Trizone or what ?

  37. Miss Blåberry says:

    Did you have to have your brush exchanged?

  38. pastelisland says:

    Thanks for a very nice and thorough unboxing review!

  39. JohnTysonCR says:

    A good vid, but fails to show how to remove the SmartGuide cover to insert batteries. Sounds like it should be so simple, you wouldn’t have to ask. Not so. Also, this European model is different than the one here in the States.

  40. toothbrushreviews says:

    Hi there – It did take longer than 12 hours, but I don’t think it took as long as 16. If I were you, I’d give Oral B a quick call and ask them if this is unusual. If you Google “oral b support” you’ll find their telephone number, or alternatively tweet them on Twitter -> @OralB_UK

  41. gdshphrd2 says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how long it took for you to fully charge the brush after taking it out of the box? I bought mine yesterday & plugged it in to charge.16 hours later & the lights are still flashing suggesting it’s STILL charging. The booklet indicates once fully charged the lights turn off. I read it takes 12 hours for a full charge, but this doesn’t seem to be the case for me. So I’m wondering if I have a faulty unit?

  42. djcola3000 says:

    Amazing review i cant thank you enough because your the best review on the market :)

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