350W 12V-110V Car Power Inverter USB Universal Adapter

350W 12V-110V Car Power Inverter USB Universal Adapter

  • Supports a 350W sustained load
  • USB charging jack is perfect for use with iPods, iPhones, cell phones, and other small electronics that can charge over USB
  • Tolerates input voltage from 11V to 15V
  • Safety shutoff engages if the input voltage leaves the acceptable range
  • 12V DC input, 110V AC output (AC jack), 5V-1ADV output (usb jack)

It can support DC 12Velectricity provided by the automobile into AC power, and be widely used with those electric equipments , such as notebook, cell phone, razor, digital camera, digital video, TV, CD, DVD, game machine, electric light, charger and various kinds of professional tools.
As the necessity for your travel, mobile office, outdoor work and special tools, it is the very solution to using electricity in the automobile.

Shell Material

List Price: $ 25.99


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